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For All Your Nuclear Diaphragms, Linings and Membranes


CCSI Diaphragms

We are the industry leader in Diaphragm Inspections and Replacement and trouble shooting. CCSI 1045DEP material is the leading material in tank diaphragm replacements for use in nuclear applications. CCSI 1045DEP meets or exceeds all original specifications and has been tested and accepted by Westinghouse and Bechtel as an alternate material that would perform its function at nuclear facilities and satisfy the stringent reactor coolant chemistry requirements now in effect for the nuclear industry.

Thermoplastic Linings and Membranes

Custom fabricated flexible and rigid tank linings and secondary containment liners.

Services Offered

Specialized Nuclear Engineering Support

CCSI provides evaluation, trouble shooting, system analysis, revisions and modification of diaphragms for CST, RMWST, RHT, and PMWST tanks. CCSI is the recognized industry leader in diaphragm fabrication and design, installation, repair, and technical support services. Three decades of unparalleled expertise earned through extensive field experience makes CCSI exclusively "nuclear qualified" to evaluate and service diaphragms for system storage tanks.

Rubber Linings

CCSI is an approved applicator of all major sheet rubber compounders including Polymeric Protective Linings (formerly B.F. Goodrich) and Blair Rubber. We supply and install hard and soft natural rubbers, neoprene, hypalon, butyl, and chlorbutyl to industries such as water treatment, chemical, pickling, plating, transportation, and fabricated equipment such as tanks, vessels, pipes, agitators, and specialty fabrications. Work can be done in our shop, or in place at your site.

Thermoplastic Linings

Plastic fabrications for lining systems are available in polyethylene (PE), polypropylene (PP), and polyvinyl chloride (PVC) corrosion resistant lining for concrete trenches, catch basins, sumps, pits, and tanks. PVC (Koroseal®) is also available as sheet applied linings for vessels and tanks.

Coatings and Linings

CCSI provides chemically resistant epoxies for the interior of tanks and vessels, our coatings shop also applies all sprayed coatings, including zinc, alkyds, urethanes, vinyl ester, and baked coatings such as kynar and phenolics. All immersion coatings are subjected to a full range of testing and inspection to ensure their integrity for the intended service.

Turnkey Inspections - Repairs - Fabrication

CCSI has over thirty years of experience providing inspections, repairs and custom linings for tanks and can provide custom solutions for industrial lining needs. CCSI has a C-2 Rockwall lining that prevents corrosion in steel vessels and effectively solves many costly corrosion problems in cold and hot water storage tanks used in residential and commercial applications.