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Ten Reasons To Choose The CCSI 1045DEP

Thermoplastic Elastomer Diaphragm

1. Less chloride, fluoride, TOC’s, soft metal content.

2. Thermoplastic Elastomer material requires no solvents or adhesives for repairs--if ever needed.
    Most solvents and adhesives used in rubber fabric diaphragms are not on the allowable
    chemicals list for use in the nuclear industry.

3. Smooth white surface makes it easier to inspect and verify the cleanliness and condition of the

4. Superior tear resistance with no directional tear propagation.

5. Engineered flotation cells allow for verification of the diaphragm floor position during in-service
    inspections. The diaphragm will never sink or plug the pump suction.

6. Dielectrically welded seams form a total monolithic construction with no adhesive or gum rubber
    to disintegrate and contaminate systems.

Nuclear Power

7. CCSI 1045DEP Thermoplastic Elastomer diaphragms are not effected by ozone aging. It offers indefinite storage life and infinitely improves
    service life.

8. The Thermoplastic material completely encapsulates a reinforcing scrim. It will not peal or flake like rubber coated fabrics or contaminate

9. CCSI provides proper operating and fill procedures for optimum system performance, including air removal from under the diaphragm caused
    by upset conditions, and nitrogen purging procedures if needed.

10. The CCSI 1045 DEP is designed to meet nuclear applications. It meets or exceeds all original specifications, has been tested and accepted
      by Westinghouse and Bechtel, and satisfies stringent reactor coolant chemistry requirements.

Thermoplastic Linings and Membranes

CCSI provides custom fabricated flexible and rigid tank linings and secondary containment liners. Plastic fabrications for lining systems are available in polyethylene (PE), polypropylene (PP), and polyvinyl chloride (PVC) corrosion resistant lining for concrete trenches, catch basins, sumps, pits, and tanks. PVC (Koroseal ®) is also available as sheet applied linings for vessels and tanks.

Choosing the proper plastic lining is essential for your corrosion and abrasion protection needs. CCSI technicians have the training and experience to provide you with whatever service you need. Our technicians understand the chemisty and environmental conditions underwhich your equipment is operating. Therefore, CCSI can provide you with the best options to protect your investment.

Truck Bed Liner

CCSI technicians our experienced craftsmen who provide you with the finest quality products. Since 1974, we have been servicing the power, water and petrochemical industries. Through our in-house training, formal external training and invaluable knowledge gained through years of experience CCSI's highly skilled work force will provide you with products you can count on. CCSI excellent workforce and use of only quality products results in our customers always being satisfied.